Our products for private customers

We offer transparency, protection and safety

Our products and services help persons in their economic life:

Basical for your financial planning – meineSCHUFA kompakt

meineSCHUFA kompakt gives you online access at any time to the data SCHUFA has stored about you. Free telephone support and SMS/e-mail notification service in case of inquiries and changes regarding your data are included.

Additional safety for your identity – meineSCHUFA plus

meineSCHUFA plus includes all the services of meineSCHUFA kompakt and offers additional safety for your identity due to daily monitoring, fast help in an emergency thanks to 24h advice hotline and support with regard to the elimination of traces of identity misuse on the internet.

Maximum service – meineSCHUFA premium

meineSCHUFA premium includes all the services of meineSCHUFA plus. In addition, you will receive the SCHUFA Credit Report and the SCHUFA Company Report free of charge once per year, a partner card with the complete service package of meineSCHUFA plus for one additional person and the SCHUFA Priority Service for preferential treatment of your inquiries with the Private Customer ServiceCenter.

The report for handing over to a third party, e.g. a landlord – SCHUFA Credit Report

In many cases, landlords or employers with particular needs for information regarding staff selection expect a SCHUFA report.

  • You can use the SCHUFA Credit Report to prove your economic reliability, as it contains all essential information which is important to assess your creditworthiness.
  • The SCHUFA Credit Report consists of two parts and in this way protects your private sphere. The short report is for your landlord. The comprehensive report on the data stored about you is for yourself.

To guarantee your money is in good hands - SCHUFA Company Report

To ensure that, e.g., your private construction or renovation project will be a success, you need reliable partners - from architect to craftsmen, because insolvency of a service provider means costs and trouble. The SCHUFA Company Report allows you to check the creditworthiness of your business partners before you conclude a contract. Among other things, the report contains:

  • Important, commercially relevant credit information based on payment history
  • Information about the economic interlocking of all office holders
  • Business figures, balance sheet and, if applicable, insolvency information

The individual report for online retrieval - SCHUFA WebCode

With a SCHUFA WebCode, you can enable business partners (e.g. a landlord) to retrieve a short report about your identity and credit rating quickly and easily via the internet.