SCHUFA for corporate customers

Using opportunities and minimizing risks: We provide support!

With our many and varied services in the fields of credit rating, address, fraud prevention & compliance and software solutions, we help companies better assess the opportunities and risks associated with their business transactions with private and commercial customers.

  • Improved payment security
    Whether dealing with persons or companies: We offer you information about your customers' creditworthiness to give you a safe basis for making decisions about the conclusion of contracts.
  • Knowing who you are dealing with
    Hoax online orders, purchases using a false name or untrue information about age in the case of offers relevant to youth protection - our identity products provide more safety in online trading.
  • Finding customers whose address is unknown
    Your customer's address is unknown, but you still have unsettled debt claims? Or a customer who has moved to an unknown address still holds a savings book, depot or other investment with your bank? We help you find the current address.
  • Efficient fraud prevention
    The SCHUFA FraudPool enables banks to exchange information about concrete suspicions of fraud based on the principle of reciprocity. With this, we support the fighting of fraud attempts and help avert damage to banks, consumers and the national economy as a whole.