SCHUFA facts & figures 2020

As Germany's leading credit bureau, SCHUFA stores 1.052 billion data records on 6 million companies and 68 million persons. Every day, we provide an average of 490,000 reports to companies and in this way support fast and simple business transactions.

For more than 90 percent of the persons, we have stored exclusively positive information. The unchanged high rate of 97.9 percent of consumer credits repaid without a problem indicates the sustained effect of our work.

Group Key Figures of SCHUFA Holding AG 2020

Number of People stored 68 m
Number of business companies stored 6 m
Stored records (total) 1.052 b
Information portfolio
Number of business customers over 10,000
Credit reports and monitoring reports 179.6 m
Number of private customers
2.3 m
Personal credit reports 3.1 m
Business data
Turnover in T € 229,226
Employees 900
Subsidiaries Headquarter and registered office of our company subsidiary CS Connect: Wiesbaden
nationwide five locations and one bureau

Key Company Figures

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