Protection association based on the principle of reciprocity

The idea of the SCHUFA founders back in 1927 was that companies should exchange their payment experience with customers - positive data such as the payment of instalments as contractually agreed and negative data such as non-payment. The advantage for the enterprises: They can sell more goods if they over hire-purchase, for example. They can inform themselves about prospective customers prior to concluding a contract. Does another company know this buyer? Is it a reliable payer or one that has failed to discharge its payment obligations under a business contract? This information is an important decision-making basis for companies that helps them minimise the risk of non-payment.

SCHUFA - Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung - was established to register and store the payment histories of companies and to provide them to companies that are part of the protection association.

This principle still holds true as SCHUFA currently has data on 67.9 million persons on record. Some 10,000 companies are part of this strong community, including banks and savings banks, companies active in the field of conventional or online trading, telecommunications companies, energy suppliers and many more. We also call them SCHUFA "contractual partners".

The success of this protection association is based on the common interest of all participating companies: to protect each other against non-payment on the basis of up-to-date and correct data.

To become a SCHUFA contractual partner, companies must meet numerous requirements, , including those of the General Data Protection Regulation, so we subject them to an intensive check prior to acceptance and connection to SCHUFA.

Business information about companies

Since 2004, we have also been offering business information about companies. We receive this information from renowned service providers and from public sources and registers such as the commercial registers. Whether information on private or corporate customers: We provide both!