We create trust

SCHUFA, this abbrevitation stands for "Schutzgemeinschaft für allgemeine Kreditsicherung" (General Credit Protection Agency). Since SCHUFA was founded in 1927, the name has been standing for integrity and reliability.

As Germany's leading credit bureau, we are a reliable source of information for corporate and private customers, holding credit rating information about 67.9 million persons and 6 million companies.

Every day, we make an important contribution to creating trust between two business partners by providing around 460,000 reports and in this way we support safe, fast and efficient business transactions. For instance,

  • for car financing;
  • for hire-purchase of furniture or consumer electronics,
  • for purchases on account in online shops and
  • for concluding mobile phone contracts allowing you to make calls before they are billed.

In addition to this, consumers are offered

  • transparency about their own data stored at SCHUFA,
  • proof of their creditworthiness (e.g. when renting a flat),
  • information about companies (e.g. about construction companies or craftsmen) and
  • help if their identity is stolen (e.g. if identification documents or confidential data on the internet are lost)

More than 10,000 corporate customers, including banks, savings banks, trading firms, telecommunications companies and many more, have decided to use our services and rely on the information we provide. In addition, 2.2 million private customers are already using our special offers for private customers.