For growth and prosperity in Germany

Our core business is to provide credit rating information about persons and companies. A solid credit information system is an important cornerstone for Germany as a business location. It promotes the sale of products and services and helps make purchases which cannot be financed by company assets or savings alone. Hence, it secures economic growth, jobs and tax revenue.

Company financing as an economic driving force

Strong companies need stable financing. The traditional bank loan remains the most important financial instrument for small and medium-sized enterprises. In the foundation phase, so a good idea develops into a successful business model, and also later, to enable innovation and necessary investments to assure competiveness.

However, companies are not only borrowers. Whenever a service is provided prior to payment, they also grant loans on goods or services to corporate customers or private consumers. Therefore, protection against non-payment to guarantee liquidity is also important to the continued existence of companies.

Consumer credits for private prospertiy

Consumers desire and use consumer credits in particular when they buy a car, furniture or consumer electronics. 55 percent of the German gross national product are generated by private consumption, which is more and more financed by credit. This makes private consumption a mainstay of the German economy and the consumer credit is inextricably linked with personal prosperity.

We are a partner to industry and consumers

The information we provide supports the companies and consumers and enables safe, fast and efficient business transactions. We protect companies against non-payment and consumers against possible over-indebtedness. We make a contribution to creating trust - a quality without a market economy cannot function.