Creating trust means
carrying responsibility.

Creating trust means
carrying responsibility.

Creating trust means carrying responsibility.

Creating trust means carrying responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take responsibility

SCHUFA has been providing credit information since 1927 – making it an important part of Germany’s economy and society. Trust and responsibility are at the heart of everything we do at SCHUFA – and are closely linked. Because we can only create trust if we also carry responsibility: for our business operations and for society at large.

Acting responsibly has a long history at SCHUFA. We focus our activities on areas where we can achieve the most with our expertise.

We align our CSR activities strategically and organise our core business sustainably. As a long-term partner, we are a reliable ally to our clients and treat the data that is entrusted to us with care. And for our staff, we are a responsible employer. We are environmentally conscious, actively involved in society and seek to engage in dialogue with policymakers.

SCHUFA consumer council

Customers and products

Customers and consumers can rely on high-quality data, solution-oriented services, secure handling of sensitive data, as well as clear information and transparency.

Studies & publications


We aim to provide our employees with an environment in which they like to work: family-conscious working conditions, professional development opportunities and health-promoting measures.

Society & education

Environment and sourcing

Whether energy, water or paper consumption: we want our business operations to be environmentally friendly and we want to continually reduce our impact on the environment.

Job & family


From Germany-wide financial education initiatives to voluntary support of local non-profit projects: social engagement has a long history at SCHUFA.

Work & health

CSR vision

Our CSR vision is the foundation and common thread running through our social activities. It describes how CSR is anchored in SCHUFA, how and where we focus our efforts, and how we conduct our business.

Cooperation with associations

Dialogue with policymakers and society

SCHUFA is Germany's leading information and service partner to the credit services sector. This position requires a broad network of relationships in economy and society. In addition to its customers and owners as the central partners of our joint business success, SCHUFA is in close dialogue with various associations.

SCHUFA consumer board

In 2008, SCHUFA established an interdisciplinary consumer board. For us, this committee represents an open and critical discussion group for consumer-relevant topics.

SCHUFA ombudsman

Since 2010, SCHUFA has been the only credit bureau in Germany to offer an independent and neutral mediation body for consumers: the SCHUFA ombudsman.