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Company Report 2016_Outlook 2017

Visionary Change: How does digitisation change the world of finance? This was the subject of discussion between SCHUFA chairman of the board Dr Michael Freytag and André M. Bajorat, CEO of the FinTech company figo.

Start-up meets Tradition: Young FinTechs and classic financial service providers can learn a lot from each other. Two experts explain the benefits of collaboration.

Milestones from 90 years of SCHUFA: Ever since the company was founded in 1927, SCHUFA has been a cornerstone of the German credit system. Our timeline shows what has happened over the last 90 years, and the developments which have contributed to the advancement of the company.

Consumers 4.0: Digitisation has changed the role of consumers and their expectations of companies. Consumers are no longer merely consumers; they are also increasingly becoming producers.

A Birthday Summit: To date, the WirtschaftsWerkstatt educational initiative has reached more than five million young people – a huge success which was celebrated with a Youth Summit.

Trendsetter: Meet four SCHUFA employees who are each a source of inspiration in their respective field of work.

Associate: How can SCHUFA shape digital change in the economy and create trust at the same time? Our associate Dr Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky, chairman of the Consumer Advisory Board, tenders an answer.



Company Report 2015_Outlook 2016

What is Trust?: Experts, business people and SCHUFA customers answer this question from their own personal perspectives.

Bridge Builder: Dr. Michael Freytag reflects together with our Ombudsman Prof. Hans-Jürgen Papier on the precious good of trust in business life and why the arbitration board at SCHUFA performs such an important task.

Trust 2030: Why does having trust play such an important role online, in particular?

Protect Your Identity: How does SCHUFA help protect people’s identities?

Reaching Their Limits in Tandem: A report about the complete confidence that two trapeze artists have in each other.

Matter of the Heart: Meet SCHUFA employees who all enjoy complete trust in completely different roles.


Company Report 2014_ Outlook 2015

An Advantage for All of Us: Business people explain how credit checks give them security during everyday business.

New Era: What is to come? Dr. Michael Freytag. Chairman of the Executive Board of SCHUFA, and Professor Horst W. Opaschowski met to talk about the future.

Welcome: Scoring are quite helpful for people in many areas of life. Even from the very beginning. It all starts with being born.

Pay, Please!: Cash, credit card, on account or by app, payment methods are becoming more and more diverse, and, above all, increasingly mobile.

Trendsetter: The market for financial sercives is in a state of flux. How will we pay in 2030? An Interview with the expert Marc Berg.


Company Report 2013_ Outlook 2014

A Question of Trust: How important are sustainability and credibility to companies? SCHUFA Chairman Dr. Michael Freytag and CSR expert Professor Dr. André Habisch met to discuss this.

Clever and Smart: The Internet is revolutionizing trade. Never before was our consumption more diverse or faster. Read here why this is associated with new security requirements.

Shopping Centers: What happens inside our brains when we buy something? And does shopping really make us happy? Brain researcher Professor Manfred Spitzer answers these questions.

We Are All Ears: SCHUFA answers thousands of people’s questions every day and this isn’t always easy. Take a look behind the scenes of our customer service.

Thirst for Knowledge: Sharing knowledge isn’t really a problem as long as young people are taken seriously. Read here why the SCHUFA education initiative “WirtschaftsWerkstatt” is so popular.


Company Report 2012_ Outlook 2013

About Change: Chairman of the Executive Board Dr. Michael Freytag and Museum Director Dr. Alexander Klar talk about art as a source of inspiration and mirror on society.

Great Freedom: Very young and old people have much in common – they play the main role in demographic change. Current studies conducted by SCHUFA yield new ways of thinking.

On the Way: Educating young people on financial matters represents a key focus of social commitment. The new education initiative entitled “WirtschaftsWerkstatt” is intended to provide them with economic expertise.

Hand-in-Hand: SCHUFA has been giving aid to developing and newly industrialized countries for decades. Its expertise has helped make a credit industry for consumers possible.