Data protection is a top priority at SCHUFA - data quality is the basis of our business success

The SCHUFA data pool is the largest in Germany for assessing the current payment behaviour of persons and the economic situation of companies. It holds 1.002 billion data records on 67.9 million persons and 6 million companies. Our credit rating information makes us a reliable service partner for corporate and private customers.

Data privacy, and in particular the sensitive handling of personal data, is a top priority at SCHUFA. We store data concerning the SCHUFA procedure exclusively on servers located in Germany and our business activities are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation. Moreover, SCHUFA is controlled by the competent data protection authority, the Data Protection Officer for Hesse. The authority has unrestricted access to all processes and procedures relevant to data protection at SCHUFA and we have a continuous dialogue with them.

Correct data is the raw material for our qualified reports.

10,000 companies rely on our information. Based on our products and services, they assess the opportunities and risks of concluding contracts and take important business decisions.

Therefore, we very carefully monitor the quality of our data and assure and improve it constantly. Our quality assurance measures include data analysis, automated plausibility checks and stock-takings which we carry out together with our customers. In addition, we carry out spot checks on a regular basis and on specific occasions to see whether the companies affiliated with us comply with the data protection regulations and reporting obligations, hold training sessions and closely exchange information with our customers.

Common interest to have the highest data quality

In the context of our principle of reciprocity, our contractual partners are supplier and recipients of data at the same time. Their interest in the quality of the data is as high as ours, because the data is the basis for the mutual protection against non-payment.

Accordingly, the contractual partners exercise their responsibility for the correct reporting of information with the highest degree of care, already in their own interest. The constantly growing number of companies that join the SCHUFA community, on the one hand, and the high repayment ratio of 97.9 percent of the loans registered with SCHUFA, which has been constant for many years, on the other, are clear evidence of the high quality and economic benefit of the SCHUFA reports.