Many access routes, many advantages

The quality of information is characterised by its contents and access to information. SCHUFA offers you various modern possibilities to simply and flexibly connect your IT- systems to the SCHUFA databases. The decision about the kind and extent of the interface to be used is made individually based on the requirements and technical environment of your company. We will be happy to advise you as to the connection method that suits your company.

SCHUFA Web is our basic application for access to the SCHUFA data, providing fast and easy access using the most popular internet browsers and personal access authorisation data - without additional expenditure for installation.

The application stores the reports you have requested and the follow-up reports regarding natural and juristic persons and allows new information about your customers to be reported to the database.

Within an administration environment, you can create new users, change the data of existing access authorisations, delete users and release blocked users on your own.

Meanwhile, integrated business processes have become the standard at many companies. If SCHUFA applications are integrated in the processes, e.g. in loan processing, the efficiency of the workflows can be improved substantially. The XML Gateway, SCHUFA's application gateway based on the XML de facto standard ensures optimal integration of SCHUFA services into your business processes. The universal data exchange format XML enables connection to almost all modern applications.

The special advantage: Integration of the SCHUFA application into existing applications in most cases requires just minor expenditure and you will get support from our competent staff before, during and after the programming.

The Universal SCHUFA Access (USA) is designed to also provide individualised special solutions quickly and flexibly at your request.

Individualisation may refer to formats, access routes, product combinations or the assessment of report contents. The USA offers several options for simple and flexible connection to our various databases.

For online products, the modern form of the web service is available to you. In addition to reports on persons, other products such as company reports and address products are available via the USA.

The manual batch procedure is often used for services in which compiled mass data, such as person data records, is to be enriched with additional information. This requires the use of specialised SCHUFA staff, because - unlike as in the electronic communication procedures - the data transmitted can in most cases not be processed automatically exclusively by the system.