Remain up-to-date.

Our society is getting ever more flexible. As the average term of employment is becoming ever shorter, people are more prepared to change their residence. In 2014 alone, 9.39 million people moved address. Every day, our contractual partners report a large number of new addresses which we put into our database.

Due to our principle of reciprocity, all contractual partners benefit from this. Customer data is updated more quickly and the continuous updating helps avoid additional costs and delays.

For your business with corporate customers (B2B)

Our SCHUFA-PotentialAnalysis selects the addresses that meet your requirements from more than 6 million companies, based on your criteria. For example, your new-customer potential can be identified and selectively approached based on industry, postal code or legal form. We provide information about both registered companies and non-registered enterprises such as freelancers and small business owners.

In addition to the master and communication data of your potential customers, you also receive a structural analysis of the companies in your target area.

This gives you a well-founded basis to compare your existing and potential customers with each other.

For your business with private customers (B2C)

Every day, SCHUFA adds a large number of new addresses to its database that stem from the network of contractual partners. The customer address updating service provides you with new and up-to-date consumer addresses.

For example, this enables customer data to be updated already prior to sending important documents, so that unnecessary costs and delays can be avoided. And the number of inquiries with residents' registration offices to find out a new address is substantially reduced.


Society is getting ever more flexible, people change residence ever more frequently. This means: Address data stocks quickly become obsolete. To remain efficient, updates are required more often. For this, we provide the AddressUpdate Plus service.

The principle of AddressUpdating Plus is as simple as it is efficient. Using a multi-stage procedure, your addresses are first compared with the latest data from the SCHUFA databases and then with the database of movers and deceased persons of Deutsche Post Address. When a deviating address is found in one of the data sources, it is subjected to a delivery check, i.e. validated by means of a test delivery.

As an option, the address research can be supplemented by an inquiry with the competent residents' registration office (RRO). An inquiry with the RRO will be made in any case only if the address research using the above-mentioned data sources was unsuccessful.

If a customer's address is unknown, but money or debt from a goods credit is still owed, you can ask SCHUFA to do an address research.

As soon as a possible new address is reported to us from the network of our contractual partners from all relevant industries which might concern the debtor looked for - e.g. because it is trying to establish a new business relationship associated with a credit risk with another contractual partner using a new address -, you will promptly receive the new address and hence be able to claim unsettled debts from existing contracts.

However, you - as the party having ordered the address research - will be responsible for verifying the identity of the person looked for.