Our solutions for your business with private customers (B2C)

Because knowing risks and opportunities is the key to successful B2C business.

Business with private customers is as varied as the target group. The better you know your customers, the clearer can risks be assessed and opportunities be seized.

As the credit bureau you trust, we help you secure and maximise your business with new and existing customers. Because SCHUFA is your reliable partner for data pool, data quality, data currentness and scoring competence.


With the SCHUFA-FraudPreCheck (FPC), we offer you an efficient means of fraud prevention that meets your requirements for digital ordering processes and helps minimise fraud-related losses.

SCHUFA-Auskunft (SCHUFA-Credit Report)

SCHUFA report including follow-up reports provides efficient support for your risk management during the entire customer life cycle.

SCHUFA-Scorekartenentwicklung (SCHUFA-Scorecard Development)

Depending on your line of business and target group, it may make sense to use a tailored score focused to the needs of your company.

SCHUFA-AdressAktualisierung (SCHUFA-AddressUpdating)

Customer address updating - fast and easy. The customer address updating service provides you with new and up-to-date consumer addresses.

SCHUFA-AdressAktualisierung Plus (SCHUFA-AddressUpdating Plus)

The principle of AddressUpdating Plus is as simple as it is efficient. Using a multi-stage procedure, your addresses are first compared with the latest data from the SCHUFA databases and then with the database of movers and deceased persons of Deutsche Post Address.

SCHUFA-Anschriftenermittlung (SCHUFA-Address Identification)

If a customer's address is unknown, but money or debt from a goods credit is still owed, you can ask SCHUFA to do an address research.

SCHUFA-IdentitätsCheck (SCHUFA-IdentityCheck)

To better protect yourself against such fraud attempts, we offer you our IdentitätsCheck to compare the names and addresses of new customers with the consumer data stored in the SCHUFA-database.

SCHUFA-IdentitätsCheck Premium (SCHUFA-IdentityCheck Premium)

With our IdentitätsCheck Premium, we check the data you are given against the consumer data stored in our SCHUFA-database and also confirm identity verified by documents.

SCHUFA-IdentitätsCheck Jugendschutz (SCHUFA-IdentityCheck for Age Verification)

IdentitätsCheck Jugendschutz allows you to verify a person’s data and age as legally required.

SCHUFA-KontonummernCheck plus IBAN (SCHUFA-BankaccountCheck plus IBAN)

More security for your payment processing. With Bank Account Verification, we are offering the opportunity to minimise risks. Bank Account Verification compares key personal data in combination with the bank code and the account number with the records in our database.