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We have data records on more than 67.9 million natural persons and 6 million companies. This data creates the necessary trust and safety to enable the many facets of modern lending business.

Developed to provide solutions for your individual requirements, the services we offer are as varied as modern economic life. For fast and safe decisions in your lending business.

For your business with private customers (B2C)

Based on our principle of reciprocity, we offer you unrivalled quality and currentness of data and we are the only credit bureau in Germany to provide positive data. This is because our long-standing cooperation with our SCHUFA partners has yielded a large amount of data you cannot find in any public register. Hence, you are able to assess risks precisely and make maximum use of opportunities.

A central tool for customer risk forecasts are scoring procedures, i.e. probability statements regarding possible events such as non-payment. Scores can be used in many ways, e.g. to check applications, to analyse customer behaviour and, not least, also in connection with collection procedures.

Depending on your line of business and target group, it may make sense to use a tailored score focused to the needs of your company. Subject to data availability, a score card can be developed on the basis of your customer data or the SCHUFA data, or by integrating both data sources.

The ideal result: Your integrated score card!

Europe is growing together. The unrestricted movement of goods and services across borders steadily increases the number of business partnerships and customer relationships throughout the continent.

International deals promise to broaden your company’s reach and to unlock its unused potential. But deciding who to do business with and who to avoid is difficult. To help you make the right choice, we provide you with a complete picture of your potential customers and business partners. Our Cross Border Reports are your reliable source of knowledge for making informed business decisions within the EU.

For your business with corporate customers (B2B)

In today's dynamic business environment, important decisions, both minor or major, have to be made every day.

The right steps can be taken only if you have relevant information. A business risk is always assessed individually and based on the situation. Therefore, we have a broad B2B product portfolio to offer you the right product for any risk. The SCHUFA-Kurzauskunft includes a credit rating report focused on the most important data for all those cases where you rate your business risk as being minor or medium. The reliable and condensed representation of the most important information about your customers, prospective customers and business partners gives you the knowledge you need to make the right decision.


The SCHUFA-Kurzauskunft Direkt* provides an automatic credit check for your bulk business. You will receive a report directly when you send an inquiry, provided you have a legitimate interest. The report can be integrated seamlessly into your process chain. So you can find out directly how solvent the inquiring company is. Terms and conditions can be controlled automatically, your risk is minimised and fulfilment starts.

*SCHUFA-Short Report Direct


We have nothing against glossy brochures and elegant web sites:

They are certainly appropriate if you wish to obtain general information about a company. However, if you‘re looking for credit rating, business risks and probability of default, you need to look deeper, so that trust and a feeling of safety can be created.

SCHUFA‘s database holds records of 6 million businesses such as small business entrepreneurs, registered corporations and freelancers. And naturally, in addition to general data, it is people that set the course. Such persons often stay in the background, sometimes they have functions in other enterprises. The more you know of these connections, the better you are able to assess the risks of existing or potential business relationships.

Therefore, cast a decisive glance at the corporate indices and look behind the scenes – with SCHUFA-Kompaktauskunft!


Today's business world is characterised by far-reaching decisions. Depending on the volume of the order, default in payment may quickly become a risk for the entire enterprise. Accordingly, the assessment of the business risk is of special importance in particular in the case of large orders. Therefore, we have a wide range of B2B products, individually tailored to the dimension of your business. For orders that in your opinion entail a medium or large business risk, we offer the SCHUFA-Vollauskunft – a structured and omprehensive 360° view of a company. This helps you get an idea to make your decision on a well-founded data basis. Because, if you know your business partner, confidence is created which is the basis for a well-functioning business relationship that can continue to grow.