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Our comprehensive pool of data, analysing competence, product development and market presence help discover fraud before it has consequences. Our services provide you with efficient means to identify fraudulent intentions and detect fraud patterns at an early stage. Play it safe.

For your business with private customers (B2C)

As a company with digital distribution channels, you will appreciate the opportunities offered by e-commerce. However, such sales channels with their many advantages entail a growing risk: fraud.

With the SCHUFA-FraudPreCheck (FPC), we offer you an efficient means of fraud prevention that meets your requirements for digital ordering processes and helps minimise fraud-related losses. The FPC checks your order requests for fraud patterns and returns a value in real time that shows how suspicious a request is.

The FPC can be applied throughout the entire ordering process, from transmission of the order request by the customer to provision of the service by you.


With the SCHUFA-FraudPool, a product that is part of the FraudPrevention & Compliance services group and supplements our existing range, we offer you a new central solution that enables credit institutions to exchange information about concrete suspected cases based on the principle of reciprocity.

With this, we also make an important contribution to averting damage from credit institutions, consumers and the economy as a whole.

As a modern service provider, we feel it is important to know your risks and to help you minimise them. Financial losses as a consequence of fraudulent activities and economic crime are ultimately borne by all customers, in a similar way as the damage done by insurance fraud or shoplifting.

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It is often uncertain whether the person ordering a product is actually a prospective buyer. The possibility of fraud by providing a false name or address and hoax orders can quickly threaten a dealer’s existence.

To better protect yourself against such fraud attempts, we offer you our IdentitätsCheck to compare the names and addresses of new customers with the consumer data stored in the SCHUFA-database.


With our IdentitätsCheck Premium, we check the data you are given against the consumer data stored in our SCHUFA-database and also confirm identity verified by documents. This means that the person enquired about has already proven their identity to one of our contractual partners by providing an identity document. In this way, you make fraud more diffi cult and minimise your risk already upon initial business contact.


The Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media requires providers of products or contents relevant to the protection of minors to verify that the buyer or prospective buyer is of legal age. The IdentitätsCheck Jugendschutz allows you to verify a person’s data and age as legally required. This sub-process is a module for ensuring a closed user group for age verifi cation solutions rated positively by the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media which helps you meet the legal requirements more easily than before.


With increasing business volume in eCommerce, retail and the mail-order industry, the risks in payment processing also increase. In particular the direct-debit system customary in Germany leads to failure to pay as well as time and labour-intensive return-debit notes due to inadvertent wrong entries, transmission errors or attempted fraud.

There are many applications available which check the bank code and account number for plausibility. However, how can one ultimately make sure that the account actually exists and that the person queried is the account holder?

With Bank Account Verification, we are offering the opportunity to minimise these risks. Bank Account Verification compares key personal data in combination with the bank code and the account number with the records in our database. To this end you transmit to us your customer’s surname, first name, address and date of birth as well as the bank account he or she has specified. We then check our database for matching combinations. This is of course also preceded by a plausibility check using the recognised check digit method of the Deutsche Bundesbank.


For your business with corporate customers (B2B)

Combating money laundering and terrorism financing is in a new phase throughout Europe. Keeping to compliance guidelines – and thus legal requirements – plays a great role here in addition to financial aspects. In this way the risk based approach and important standards from the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF) will be more strongly pursued. In addition to many organisational challenges, the key problems for money laundering checks that arise here are: Identifying the contractual partner and the "financial beneficiary". The Anti-Money Laundering Act (GwG) obliges you to find out your contractual partner's identity and identify the financial beneficiary.


The SCHUFA-Firmenkontaktanalyse* provides you with a tool to very easily take this first step. We will identify for you (based on the company database) the corporate customer potential within your existing private customer base.

*(SCHUFA-Company Contact Analysis)