Optimised decisions.

Business and economic processes as well as technical preconditions and possibilities are changing constantly. This means new demands with respect to the quality of decisions. Therefore, SCHUFA develops system solutions that optimally cater to the high requirements of our contractual partners in each specific industry.

It is no longer sufficient to just assess the general risk of default of new customers. Each decision in the customer management aims at tapping the full customer potential and minimising the risk. Hence, a risk management system needs not only to react quickly to new types of contract and acceptance strategies, but it must also detect and exploit potentials.

This is precisely the starting point of decision support systems. Information is gathered and collectively evaluated to detect risks, but also opportunities. The SCHUFA Decision Support System (SCHUFA DSS) makes all means available to risk managers that enable them to react quickly to new situations.

The SCHUFA Credit Bureau Interface (CBI) provides you with a simple possibility to integrate a professional decision-making management into your business processes quickly and cost-efficiently. The CBI module enables you to integrate our services (e.g. scoring services) directly into your workflows using a future-proof, XML-based connection.

The compact CBI module is easy to implement and can be used immediately, entirely without cost-intensive individual programming. It makes extremely low requirements on hardware, reduces communication costs, provides high availability and makes sure your requests are answered quickly.