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Materiality and Goals we want to be and act sustainable

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The focus of our CSR activities is on issues that are particularly relevant to our business activities, on which we have a significant influence through our own actions, and where our stakeholders from society, business and politics expect a particularly strong commitment from us.

In 2022 we completed a materiality analysis, as a result of which 11 topics in five areas of action were identified as material. In doing so, we were guided by what is known as dual materiality: We used the outside-in perspective to examine the business relevance, and the inside-out perspective to examine the socio-economic and environmental impact of the topics. In addition, we conducted a survey of stakeholders such as customer advisory boards, civil society organizations, politicians, and works council representatives on the basis of their impact and influence. We continuously check the material to be up-to-date in dialog with our external and internal stakeholders. Based on this materiality matrix, we are currently developing a CSR roadmap with our targets up to 2027.

Topics and area of action


Key Areas of Focus

Company and customers

We want to be a trustworthy partner for our customers and consumers. Therefore, neutrality and equal treatment in dealing with our corporate customers as well as the continuous improvement of our customer service, respect for all consumer rights and the avoidance of unlawful discrimination in our dealings with consumers are an essential part of our work. This also includes consumer education through transparency and information about our processes. We define compliance and integrity as adherence to company-relevant laws and rules through internal control systems and fraud prevention.

Digital society

In an increasingly digital credit and consumer economy, transparency of data and processes as well as data protection and the associated standards are central to us. The security and availability of our products guarantees reliable systems, data availability and comprehensible security guidelines. In addition, we see it as our task to promote digital innovations, use the latest scoring methods and prevent fraud.

Environment and purchasing

In order to save energy and CO2, unnecessary business trips are to be avoided and necessary trips are to be made sustainable, e.g. by further designing our vehicle fleet with electric cars. In addition, energy consumption and CO2 emissions will continue to be measured and reduced.


The personal and professional development of our employees is close to our hearts. Therefore, training and qualification of our employees with the help of education and training as well as qualification for new challenges is essential for the success of our company.


We are actively involved in the community - we consider transparency about political participation to be particularly important. This includes exchanges on political events, participation in opinion-forming processes and collaboration in industry associations and initiatives, as well as contributing our specialist expertise.

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