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As a modern information service provider in Germany, we are committed to engaging in an open exchange with our stakeholders from business, society and politics, thus creating transparency.

In order to take the interests of all stakeholders into account in our activities, we seek dialog at various levels:

  • With business customers and corporate associations, we discuss current issues relating to corporate strategy and solutions as part of our customer advisory councils.
  • For the exchange with private clients and consumers, SCHUFA has established an independent advisory board as a neutral body: the SCHUFA Consumer Advisory Board, which is made up of academics, journalists, debt advisors and business representatives.
  • We regularly inform shareholders and cooperation partners about our business development.
  • Internal exchange formats, employee surveys and our work council ensure dialog with our employees.
  • We are in constant dialogue with our suppliers and service providers in order to make our supply chain as sustainable as possible.
  • We are also in constant dialogue with politicians and authorities, such as members of parliament, their employees and representatives of ministries in the EU, the German federal government and the German states.
  • Transparency and communication with the public are just as important to us as our commitment to society in the context of local and nationwide initiatives.

Our stakeholder groups


Consumer Advisory Council

In 2008, SCHUFA established an interdisciplinary Consumer Advisory Council. For us, the committee is a discussion group that is as open as it is critical when it comes to consumer-relevant topics.

Dialog with Politics & Society

SCHUFA seeks dialogue because we are committed to providing information about our work, creating transparency and integrating the interests of all stakeholders into our activities.

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