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Building on our corporate mission statement "We create trust," we have developed a corporate social responsibility mission statement that we stand behind as a whole company. It forms the basis for our actions, our CSR activities and describes the areas in which we set priorities and the goals we pursue.


Benchmark for our actions

As a medium-sized company of particular economic importance, we are firmly anchored in the German economy and society. It is part of our self-image to assume responsibility in the sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR) both for our services and for the effects of our actions in society. An important benchmark for our daily actions is the corporate mission statement with the central promise "We create trust".

We set high standards for our business model and our actions and aim to be an industry pioneer in terms of: neutrality in our role as a link in the economy and between companies and consumers, innovation and development of customer-oriented solutions, responsibility toward our customers, society, our employees, and the environment, as well as legal certainty and data protection-compliant procedures.

Declaration Of Compliance

DNK-Declaration Of Compliance

Since 2016, we have voluntarily issued a comprehensive declaration as part of the German Sustainability Code (DNK), which is based on the indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS).

The DNK declaration of conformity currently comprises twenty criteria as well as the supplementary non-financial performance indicators. The German Sustainability Code Office checks the declarations for formal completeness.

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