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Minimise your risks systematically and fully exploit the potential of new customers.

Leverage the full potential of digital sales channels, which offer a multitude of possibilities but also involve higher risks. We can support you with helpful decision-making tools, which we can provide to you in fast, fully digitised processes. Benefit from the highest information density on the market of credit-relevant information on private individuals and commercial and corporate clients as well as from our outstanding scoring expertise.


Forecast the frequency and amount of losses from potential customers.

Will a customer cause a claim or not? That’s a central question. Customer creditworthiness can give indications about how frequently and at what amount claims are made. So it’s all the more important that you get a valid view of this. In particular, you should also check your existing customers from time to time to get an early picture of any changes that occur.

Meet appropriate duty of care obligations for low- and high-risk products.

No matter which products will be insured, we’ll support you with the relevant regulatory requirements. Use the opportunities of the fully-digital online identification process for low-risk products with simplified duties of care.

Keep your master data up to date during the terms of agreements and discover cross-selling potential.

Record changes in the portfolio. Regardless of whether it’s a new customer address, a change in their living circumstances, settling their payments or regular comparisons with PEP and sanctions lists. We can offer you suitable instruments. By the way, not just for private customers, but also for business customers.

Get your individual insurance scoring.

Do you want a reliable decision-making tool based on real-time risk checking? To do so you should ideally use individual insurance scoring to base credit checks on criteria that make sense for you.

Integrate us with the best fit for you – eVB interface, SCHUFA-Web, SCHUFA-XML, SCHUFA-SAP-Connector.

Not only do we offer you individual solutions that make your daily work easier, we can also provide purchasing channels tailored precisely to your needs – from web browser applications available anywhere to integrated solutions within your IT landscape.


Assess your risks more precisely than the others – we can help you do this by linking corporate and personal data.

As a big-data company our core competence is combining and aggregating data − at high speed and using innovative algorithms. With the aim of supplying you with meaningful information and reliable forecasts. Thanks to our database, we are in a position to intelligently combine decision-relevant company and personal data so the creditworthiness and personal financial behaviour of business owners are also included when assessing a company. This allows us to create a unique lead in knowledge that will enable you to better calculate the risk in your business relationships.

Check creditworthiness in corporate client business. With our individual creditworthiness indices, developed precisely for your insurance division.

We’ll provide you with individual creditworthiness indices that help you make high-quality forecasts – adjusted exactly to suit your circumstances.

Identify your corporate client’s beneficial owner.

Using your own interface with the transparency register, you’ll be able to identify information such as the beneficial owner of a company – available as a submodule of the KYC platform or as an API to integrate in existing processes.

Keep an eye on all the changes in your master database.

Additional business is not just generated by acquiring new customers. It’s also worth taking a closer look at your existing customers to discover untapped potential.

Avoid payment defaults by using validated information – above all with SMEs.

Use the strengths of SCHUFA-Wirtschaftsinformationen when doing business with freelancers and SMEs.

Check how cost-effectively your insurance brokers are working.

Get robust forecasts for existing and potential sales partners and visualise the financial reliability of every single insurance broker.

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