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Easy implementation of the complex regulatory requirements

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Rapid expansion of EU sustainable finance regulations

Sustainability and climate protection are central challenges of our time. Companies, credit institutions and other financial service providers are therefore also increasingly required by various directives and regulations to actively contribute to the achievement of the EU climate goals. This results in comprehensive transparency and disclosure obligations, the fulfilment of which is associated with a considerable expenditure of time and money.

The EU Taxonomy Regulation explained in brief

The EU Taxonomy Regulation sets rules for ecologically sustainable activities. It requires companies that are obliged to publish a non-financial report to assess the sustainability of their business activities.

Three key figures must be calculated and disclosed in particular here:

  • EU taxonomy eligibility
  • EU taxonomy alignment
  • EU taxonomy rate

Activities are deemed to be taxonomy-compliant if they make a significant contribution to one of six environmental targets.

The EU's 6 environmental goals

Curbing climate change
Sustainably using and protecting water and marine resources
Avoiding and controlling environmental pollution
Haus und baum
Adapting to climate change
Transition to a circular economy
Schutz der Erde
Protecting and restoring biological diversity and ecosystems

The CSRD explained in brief

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has put sustainability reporting on the same level as financial reporting and has considerably expanded non-financial reporting obligations. About 50,000 companies in the EU are affected, ~ 15,000 of which are in Germany.

The CSRD is associated with the following innovations:

  • Standardisation of contents through mandatory European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)
  • Sustainability reporting is provided in a separate mandatory section of the management report
  • Disclosure in a standard European Single Electronic Format (ESEF), legible for people and machines

The CSRD follows the principle of dual materiality, which means: Companies must report both on the effects of their own business operations on people and the environment, and on the effects of sustainability aspects on the business situation of the company.

Is your company affected by the CSRD?

The CSRD affects all large EU companies and groups that exceed at least two of the following criteria on two successive reporting dates:

  • 250 employees on average during the year
  • 50 million EUR revenues
  • 25 million EUR balance sheet total

SMEs only come under the directive if they are orientated on the capital market.

What are the ESRS?

The European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) are uniform European sustainability reporting standards and were developed by EFRAG on behalf of the EU Commission.

They affect companies within the scope of the CSRD and demand the publication of sustainability information in the areas of environmental, social and governance on a standardised common basis − with the aim of ensuring access to reliable, transparent and comparable data.

The solution to your ESG regulatory challenges

SCHUFA ESG Solution: Comprehensive support in complying with EU regulations

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The SCHUFA ESG Solution supports you to meet current and future regulatory requirements simply, efficiently and in a structured manner. The central platform enables a simple exchange of data and automatically calculates the relevant key figures.

Your advantages at a glance

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Up to date with the latest EU legislation
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Reduction of time and costs
Quick and easy data collection
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Synergy effects thanks to central platform
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Reliable data protection
EU-wide, universal applicability


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