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Scoring & Data at SCHUFA

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Scoring explained - go the Score Simulator here

The seven most important score factors – simulated in seven steps. That’s the Score Simulator.

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Scoring at SCHUFA

What exactly is scoring? Where exactly is it used? And what are these procedures used for? There are many questions and misunderstandings about the topic of scoring. We’d like to throw a little light on the subject.

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Your data at SCHUFA

You have the right to receive information about data stored about you from every company. At SCHUFA, you have a number of possibilities to view the data stored about you. We will also answer your questions about data protection and data quality.

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Help with your SCHUFA-Score

A score is formed through the interaction of a large number of factors – and not one single factor. So there are also different starting points for a good score.

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Credit scoring made easy

Daniel, Svenja and Jens answer your questions about credit scoring and SCHUFA in short videos - interactive and personal.

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